Shared Health Alliance: An alternative to traditional healthcare

Health care options are getting  more and more expensive. Traditional plans are still a good, and often the only, way to go for many people, especially those with pre-existing conditions. The issue that many face are the rising costs year over year. For people that purchase health insurance on the open market, not through their employer, you have another option, Shared Health Alliance.

Shared Health Alliance is a faith-based alternative to traditional health care plans. It passes the affordable healthcare act requirements. They have a lower deductible and have lower prices than traditional plans. Since it is not a traditional plan they are allowed to exclude certain coverage. For example: they do not fully cover pre-existing conditions (meaning they haven’t had treatment within the past 12 months, including prescription medication), non-smoker and lead a healthy moral lifestyle.

If you need individual, you plus one, or family coverage, take a look at the attachments and links to learn more. Then call me with questions or go ahead and apply.

If you need traditional health insurance, I can also help you with those needs.

HealthShareSHASBCGoodComparisonChart Dec 2016

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