Is your vehicle covered if it falls through the ice?

Ice fishing is a popular pastime in Minnesota and many other northern states. It takes patience and can be great time when the bite is on. However, driving on a lake can have it’s danger if you’re not absolutely sure of ice conditions. A common question I get is if their vehicle is covered if it falls through the ice.

When you take the risk of driving on the lake a lot can happen. Lakes can have thick ice in one spot and thin ice in another close spot. If you run across a thin spot and fall through you could have a serious problem. The two main financial responsibilities you have to deal with are removing your vehicle from the lake and repairing your vehicle. The most common answer is you are responsible for removing the vehicle from the lake. A bill like that can run thousands of dollars depending on the depth of the water, how far out you are and also if the department of natural resources assesses a fine against you. The good news is damage to the vehicle is most often covered by the insurance company as long as you the proper coverage. Make sure you know the risks before going onto the ice make sure it’s thick enough to support your vehicle.

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